Optimal Printing Solution Overview

Introduction to Fineprint

Over the past decade, enterprise printing has migrated from a non-managed to a managed market.

Managed models in the market, generally referred to as a Managed Print Services (MPS), typically offer hardware with a combination of various software tools and logistic assistance.

Even though MPS have become a widely-acknowledged services model with international associations of suppliers, there are few formal guidelines or standards associated with this particular model.

Over the past ten years, Fineprint has built a technical model based on the principles of precision engineering and packaged it into a commercial model that we refer to as an Optimal Print Solution – specifically tailored for enterprise and production printing.

The aim of a precision print environment is to meet the enterprise print demand with a formal solution that will be the most efficient solution possible, provided at the lowest possible cost.

In this document, we will discuss the core principles of precision printing and further discuss the Optimal Print Solution model.

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