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asset360™ is a series of diverse and ground breaking asset management applications which assist in managing and controlling all facets of a corporates leased or rental contracts, their associated assets, software licensing, compliance as well as providing in certain respects, optimisation, utilisation and asset tracking of those assets. In doing so, its implementation will contribute directly to meeting a broad spectrum of corporate governance requirements.

tenderpro™ is a web based tender facilitation system that offers a pre-qualification database as well as a technical specification generator linked to a public technical specifications library. The tenderpro™ specification sheets offer a comprehensive scoring framework with minimum and mandatory validations. These validations assist clients in scoring their financial and technical requirements thus ensuring the procurement at a “Best Cost”.

fineasset capital™ acts as a “building loan” for large enterprise print environments – a client owned loan agreement. In this model, the financier capitalises the costs of the software tools and services used for procurement, (using tenderpro™), initiates (Fineprint PMO) and manages (through asset360™), the assets and their contracts through the asset lifecycle in line with our Optimal Enterprise Print Framework.