A browser-based fixed and rental asset register application for any corporate assets with electronic verification and efficiency monitoring.

About asset360™

asset360™ is a series of diverse and ground breaking asset management applications which assist in managing and controlling all facets of a corporates leased or rental contracts, their associated assets, software licensing, compliance as well as providing in certain respects, optimisation, utilisation and asset tracking of those assets. In doing so, its implementation will contribute directly to meeting a broad spectrum of corporate governance requirements.


asset360 printpro™

asset360 printpro™ is a web based asset management system that offers financial and technical controls over large enterprise print infrastructures. Financial controls include a fixed, rental and loan asset register that combines electronic asset verification through an API with a range of major print utility tools. On the efficiency controls, asset360 printpro™ will assist large enterprise print architectures and structure the most optimal distribution of print capacities in line with a built-in Overall Equipment Effectiveness calculator.


asset360 snapshot™

asset360 snapshot™ is an audit tool that provides a financial and technical overview of the costs, controls and efficiencies of large enterprise printing infrastructures. asset360 snapshot™ requires an input of generally available data on a fixed field Excel spreadsheet and through an import function into asset360 snapshot™ , provides cost and efficiency reports in seconds.


asset360 contract™

asset360 contract™ provides our clients with a tool that manages all rental contract ageing and depreciation of enterprise print assets. It offers a range of functionalities such as asset location, electronic verification and early notification of expiry of contracts, avoiding unnecessary evergreen expenditure.


asset360 printsolve™

asset360 printsolve™ is a world first web based print room management solution, that manages the estimation, workflows and capacities of a production print environment, through a customisable print room overview. In addition, it provides workforce and stock management through month end financial procedures.


asset360 secure™

asset360 secure™ is a web based asset and inventory management application that offers the asset management functionality required by international financial regulations standards such as IFRS, GRAP, GAAP and MScOA. In addition, asset360 secure™ adds non-capital assets to a rental or loan asset register. It hosts a state of the art contract manager to manage rental and loan contracts with actuarial calculations to compute Present Values, Payments and Rates within complex contracts accurately. asset360 secure™ has a SDK with various handheld barcode and RFID readers with comprehensive business processes to validate or change asset and inventory details.


asset360 discover™

asset360 discover™ is an enterprise Software Asset Lifecycle-Management (SALM) application that combines all software (intangible assets) to the host computers on a client’s domain and to the client’s fixed, rental or loan asset registers. asset360 discover™ offers a register of all procured volume license agreements and will offset deployed licenses to report on excess or shortfall of individual licenses.

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